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Selling Panties Online

Selling panties online can be seen as easy money for online sex workers if they know what they’re doing. I remember when I started selling panties in 2015, but that was in person. For some reason it really didn’t bother me meeting people and giving them my panties. Fast foward to today and I would never do that again.

Many online sex workers make bank selling their undergarments and have been doing so for years. It can be a little intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s smooth sailing.

How To Sell Your Panties Online

Now that you’ve got this idea in your head, now it’s time to execute it. After I stopped meeting people in person to sell my panties, I began using Tumblr, Twitter, Second Life and to advertise my panties. Panty selling websites started popping up around this time, but I really wasn’t keen on using them.

Tumblr brought me the most success which is why I’m pissed they no longer allow adult content. I would get messages almost everyday from a panty sniffer wanting to purchase my panties. Here’s how I did it:

  1. Had several pictures of me in my panties and pictures of my panties by themselves.
  2. Posted everyday on my Tumblr and followed relevant accounts.
  3. I linked my panty selling Tumblr to everywhere that it was allowed.
  4. I joined forums for different fetishes and put the link to my panty selling Tumblr in my signature.

Once Tumblr went under, I focused more on using Second Life to sell my panties online. Second Life is a wonderful virtual world that you’ll see me discussing quite a bit. By advertising my panties for sell in this virtual world, I was able to gain even more clients.

I purchased commercial land in Second Life and create a storefront where I advertised my panties. My store had pictures of me in my panties and displayed pricing. Potential clients could even click on certain objects in my store and I would be notified that someone wanted to place an order.

It was lucrative and still is! Now my Second Life stores are combined so I sell a lot of different services in one place. ! I’ll touch on that in another article on my blog Virtual Sex Work.

There is a major learning curve when it comes to selling and advertising services in virtual worlds so I created Virtual Sex Academy which is 31 days away from launching!

Advertising Your Panties on Social Media

Twitter is usually the best way to advertise any adult services including selling panties online. I know a while ago there used to be panty selling accounts that would retweet sellers. I honestly don’t think they are active anymore. A good idea may be to join some RT groups to gain more exposure.

While Instagram and Facebook are forbidden for advertising adult services, you can discreetly advertise your panties for sell. I’m currently creating a Facebook guide for online sex workers which includes techniques I use to close sells and get clients on the social media platform. I outline everything I do to find clients, sell my stuff, and keep them coming back.

I know many of you don’t want to wait for the guide and want some pointers now for making money on Facebook so here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Create a profile with your persona name. Understand that sometimes Facebook does flag accounts and remove them if they seem fake. You can try to create another one if you like, but understand getting your account removed is a risk.
  2. Post cute pictures daily that are not too sexual in nature.
  3. Look at other accounts and fan pages of models and follow their audience to start getting some potential clients.
  4. Post quotes, share memes, etc. You want to come off as a real person with real interests.
  5. Don’t mention selling stuff on your Facebook wall. If your photos are appealing, guys will message you and then when they start talking sexual, close the deal.

Understand that getting clients through Facebook is not easy and for some it may never click. I always like to give online sex workers multiple ways to advertise their services since we’re all different and our results will vary.

Panty Selling Websites

The only panty selling website I’ve used was a marketplace to sell adult items and that was There are a ton of panty selling websites which I’ll have to do more research on first before speaking on them. I’ll come back with a part 2 soon. Part 2 will also include a quick lesson on how to ship your panties.

Do you have any experience with panty selling websites or selling your panties online? Email me at and let me know!

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