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Promoting Fan clubs

Promoting fan clubs can be a challenge, but nothing that can’t be conquered with some creativity and consistency. The rise of fan club popularity came during the pandemic with a large number of people joining clubs like OnlyFans. For many, this was the primetime to join and start posting content. While many create fan clubs through these platforms, not many understand how much advertising goes into being successful.

There are many ways to advertise OnlyFans!

Social Media

Social media platforms such as Twitter and TikTok are great ways to get the word out about your fan club(s). Some platforms will work better for you than others which is dependent on a number of factors but it’s important to first try out everything and see how you want to proceed. Twitter is more sex worker friendly but some online sex workers have reported that their accounts have been suspended due to violations. On my Twitter accounts I don’t show nudity and my profile photo is just of my face. While we know that Twitter shows a ton of porn, I make sure to keep things as safe as possible. I’ve gotten most of my subscribers from Twitter and Instagram when it comes to social media. Getting a little bit off track, but I get most of my subscribers from Second Life. But that’s an entirely different beast we’ll cover in another article.

Instagram is a beast. You can’t outright advertise any sex work or post explicit pictures. I created a website for myself which is similar to linktree which stores all my links such as OF, where I sell my mp3s, phone sex, etc. I put this link in my profile and receive visitors everyday. Please feel free to take a look at my website:

I don’t use linktree or allmylinks because I like to be in full control over the design and data. I do suggest more online sex workers to do the same. I do design these link pages for others. If you’re interested, please email me at

TikTok is something I haven’t really gotten into too much so I won’t go into detail. Many online sex workers have great success promoting fan clubs on TikTok so this makes me want to give it a fair shot and come back with my results.


When I first started promoting my free OF, I used telegram heavily to gain subscribers and make sales. I was on telegram 6hrs/day doing drops and promo with other online sex workers. I don’t use telegram as much anymore, but many still rely on it to communicate with others and help in promoting fan clubs. I will create another article focusing more on Telegram for those who don’t really know how to utilize it.

I also receive subscribers from Second Life. Visit my blog Virtual Sex Work for more information.

Need to get in touch? Email me at

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Written by Sarabi Maraj

Virtual BOSS

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