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Make $100+/day on TalkToMe

Happy March! A new month means new opportunities and this also goes for online sex work. I know so many of you all are looking for ways to make more money and while TalkToMe isn’t a new site, I haven’t touched on it previously.

I signed up on TalkToMe in 2014 and still actively use the website to this day. I’m actually logged into the platform right now as I’m writing this blog post. TalkToMe is a platform that provides phone sex operators with many options. You can offer texting, web chat, cam sessions, paid messaging, sell your content, etc. While some frown upon the low payout percentage(40%) if you signed up in recent years, the platform still has a lot to offer.

You don’t want to spread yourself too thin, but if you’re a phone sex operator, you should be logging into several platforms at once when you begin working for the day. For me, I sign into my toll free numbers, NiteFlirt, AdultPhonePal, Sincats, and TalkToMe everyday. When I get a call on one platform, I make myself unavailable everywhere else. TalkToMe is a great platform to add to your daily logins for many reasons, but I’m mostly going to focus on one in this blog post. You can easily make at least $100 a day on TalkToMe if you work it right.

Attractive Profile

When potential callers first visit your profile it has to grasp their attention. You should have an attractive profile photo, 5-10 gallery photos, and vivid profile text. Make sure you use your words to describe your character’s persona effectively. Your profile text doesn’t have to be long, but it should be long enough to get a potential caller’s attention. Remember on TalkToMe, you can also offer texting and web chat. Since texting and web chat customers are obviously attracted to words, it would be best to make sure you add some sensuality to your text to attract those customers as well. I get a few web chat sessions a day and I know it’s because of my alluring profile text.

Need help writing your profile? Visit for assistance.

Message Callers

TalkToMe allows phone sex operators to message callers on the platform. When you login to the platform, there’s an option to browse callers and message them providing a way to connect with potential clients. I suggest looking through customer profiles and messaging who you think would be interested in your offering(niche). When starting out on TalkToMe, you may in fact receive calls right away if you have a nice profile filled with pictures, vivid about me text, and competitive rates. However, if you find yourself logged in for hours and not receiving calls, the best course of action is to message callers. I also of course suggest revamping your profile.

Earn While You Sleep

You should use every tool TalkToMe has to earn money. This includes uploading content like pictures and videos to sell on your profile. If you make good content, don’t be surprised when you wake up to money notifications. Many customers purchase picture galleries, mp3’s, etc. Do not miss an opportunity to make money in your sleep!

I know many struggle with coming up with creative content to sell, so I suggest hiring Adult Content Writer to assist with your creative needs.

Have questions? Don’t hesitate to email me at

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Written by Sarabi Maraj

Virtual BOSS

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