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Payment Processors For Online Sex Workers

When I first got started in this line of work, I first researched payment processors for online sex workers. This was several years ago so not as many options were available as there are now. Most of us seek a payment processor that is not only easy to use but doesn’t take a huge cut of our earnings. For those of us who started on websites like streamate, we’re used to only getting a small percentage of our money so when going independent, we definitely want as much of our money as possible since we do more work.

The very first payment processor I used was a guy named Mikey who runs several phone sex websites and assists online sex workers in getting started. He was a huge help to me and really got my business going. I was given 75% of my earnings and paid every two weeks by direct deposit. The great thing about Mikey is that he is very personable and enjoys assisting online sex workers. He not only provides access to an online terminal to process phone sex calls and web sessions on your own, but he also creates payment pages and helps you market your business. For many, he’s a great choice to go with as he’s been in the business for years. I won’t publicize his contact information, but if you’re interested in using him as your payment processor please contact me directly at

Having Different Options

When I started making more money and wanted different options, I started researching other payment processors for online sex workers. It’s always best to have a couple of payment processors in case one of them goes down so you can still process customer’s payments. The first processor I stumbled across was IndieBill. Keep in mind during this time I was making most of my money on Second Life so clients paid me there and then I transferred my money to PayPal to cash out. For my clients who weren’t on Second Life, I wanted another option so I chose to sign up for IndieBill. They offer an 85% payout, don’t make you worry about chargebacks, and have a great set up for creating your own online web store. At first, I thought this was a great option until I began doing more research.

I was on Twitter one day and found a few online sex workers complaining about IndieBill. One was saying she hadn’t been paid in a month while another was saying she emailed them 10 days ago and still had yet to receive a response. When I signed up for IndieBill the process was pretty smooth. I didn’t have to wait but a couple of days to get everything set up and any issues I had were addressed right away. It wasn’t until I started to create pages for my texting site that I ran into issues.

I contacted IndieBill and specifically asked them if it would be okay to process payments for my texting website. I sent them the link to my website and all the pertinent information so they could give me a decision. When I was told all was good, I immediately began setting up payment slots on my webpage for my texting website. Just when my first customer was trying to make a payment, he kept receiving an error message. Not long after that, I received an email from IndieBill stating my account was suspended. Suspended? I was extremely confused but after reading the email in its entirety, I was puzzled.

Unprofessional Practices

The email basically stated that I was not allowed to use them to process payments for my texting website since you had to go back to the website for the texting session to take place. However, do you remember when I emailed them asking them if it was okay to process payments for my texting site? They stated everything was good so of course, I assumed there were no issues. Well, because of this I was even more confused and immediately sent them an email back. This was almost two years ago and I have yet to receive a response. Because of this, I suggest that ladies stay away from them. If you look on the Stripperweb forum and social media, you will see that many ladies complain about their unprofessional practices. Some ladies haven’t received payment in weeks and others are still waiting to be approved.

Best Payment Processor For Online Sex Workers

Now we’re getting to my favorite payment processor of all, . guarantees online sex workers an 85% payout, tools to create your own web store, and excellent support. Payments are processed every two weeks and you can be paid through Paxum, ePayments e-wallet, Bitcoin, ACH, and even the daily pay studio Boleyn Models. The best thing I love about is the smoothness of creating payment links. You can even send a link to a customer for a specific amount for he or she to pay. For me, it can’t get any better than that as it’s a perfect option for receiving tributes.

While there are several other payment processors for online sex workers, I only highlighted a few that I thought were best and easiest to setup. Processors like CCbill and Verotel do have start-up fees which typically start at $500 and go up from there. I do use Verotel though and will write a separate article for them as there is a lot to discuss.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact me directly at I have been toying with the idea of creating a podcast for Online Sex Work for those who rather listen to helpful information instead of reading it. More information on the podcast will be available soon!

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    • I’m sorry this happened to you. Your best bet is to keep emailing them and spread the word. I’ve seen some ladies say they received their funds once they created a ruckus. It’s a shame you have to do that though.

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