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Earning in Your Sleep – Passive Income

We all love to wake up to money in our bank accounts and passive income is the best way to do just that. As an online sex worker you should be utilizing every money making avenue there is so you can work smarter and not harder. Of course when you’re just getting started you will work hard, extremely hard to be seen so clients can find you, but once you get in the rhythm of things, you should focus on passive income.

What is passive income? In simple terms, it’s a way of earning money which requires no effort to maintain. In regards to online sex work, this can be affiliate marketing, clips, mp3s, fan club subscriptions, etc. So if you’re a webcam model, it’s a good idea to make clips in your down time as they can sell without you doing anything but uploading them. If you’re a phone sex operator you should make mp3’s and upload them. Catch my drift?

Affiliate Marketing

When I first got started with affiliate marketing, I struggled. I signed up for a ton of different affiliate programs and had no idea how to get the traffic. So I stepped back and realized that the same way I get traffic to my phone sex and texting sites is the same way I can get traffic to my affiliate programs. Some programs are easier than others to profit from, but they all can be very rewarding.

If you love phone sex as much as I do, then the affiliate marketing program that Adult Phone Pal offers may interest you. I earn money in my sleep in several ways using their program. When a phone sex operator or pso signs up using my referral link, I earn a percentage of their sales. I also earn money from Adult Phone Pal since I use them as a backup service for when I’m unavailable for calls. So when someone calls my phone sex line and I’m unavailable, callers are given the option to speak with one of my “friends.” Most of the time, callers will proceed with the call and in the end I get money deposited into my account for a phone sex call I didn’t even take. The rewards of affiliate marketing!

Mp3s and Clips

If you’re a phone sex operator or webcam model, you should be making mp3s and clips in your downtime. I know many struggle with coming up with ideas for clips and mp3s, but there are so many things that sell. If you’re a sensual domination phone sex operator, you could record sensual mp3s that tap into the mind of your prey by hypnotizing their soul. Some phone sex ops do prefer someone come up with the ideas for them and that’s completely okay. Visit Adult Content Writer to order custom mp3 scripts.

For clips, you can simply film yourself brushing your teeth or combing your hair and it will sell. Some are often surprised what sells and what doesn’t. Try making 3-5 clips a week and see how you do. and are both great sites to sell your clips.

Fan Clubs

Fan club memberships are great for passive income. I’m sure most of you already use sites like OnlyFans and LoyalFans, but many don’t use it to their full advantage. By starting a fan club, you’re allowing yourself to make even bigger amounts of money in your sleep.

You can literally run your fan club on autopilot by scheduling content. Many online sex workers live solely off their OnlyFans income and for good reason. They put in the hard work and create content daily so their fans are never left dry. When running a fan club, you need to interact with your friends so messaging them and responding to their requests is part of the business. It’s important you remember to engage with your fans so they can remain fans.

I suggest signing up on multiple platforms that offer fan clubs. While OnlyFans and LoyalFans are two good choices, there are other platforms that offer the same thing. I will create another post about other alternatives.

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