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Advertising Texting SMS Services

Many online sex workers rather type or text so advertising texting sms services is sometimes found to be a hot topic in the community. It’s not easy advertising sexting or texting services, but it can be done with time, patience, and creativity. A lot of online sex workers implement texting into their daily money making routine.


If you knew I was going to start off with blogging, then cookies and ice cream for you. Blogging is and always will be the best free way to advertise anything. Phone sex operators mainly use blogging to advertise because keywords are used in blogs for customers to find them. This also applies to sexting or texting.

If you’re an independent texter or sexter and use services like or Paychat to process payments and chat with your customers, you most likely have your own website. Having your own website gives you a great advertising advantage. Your website serves as a space for you to talk about your sexting character(s) and give potential clients important information. If you don’t already, you should have a blog section on your website.

Let’s say you’re a phone sex operator or new to online sex work and decide you want to have a website dedicated to texting or sexting only. Your sole purpose of this website is for advertising texting sms services. You want to make sure you have a blog section on your website so you can write daily or weekly blogs about your sexting character(s). If you use keywords effectively in your blogs, potential clients will be able to find you through search engines.

I created a blogging manual and put it in my webstore on Phone Sex SEO for free. I recommend you grab a copy of it and implement the things I discuss in the manual to your blogs. Blogging helps potential clients learn more about your character(s) and get a peak into what a texting session with you may look like.

If you need assistance with blogging, contact Adult Content Writer.

Social Media

I know many of you see social media as a job and in a sense it is, but it’s a good way to advertise your texting character(s). You should have a social media profile on Twitter for every sexting character you play. By tweeting 3-5 times a day, engaging in conversation, and showing your personality, you could obtain customers through social media.

Try to remain active on social media and follow others in the industry. When I first started using social media to advertise, I would look at other popular accounts to see what they were doing and then I applied it to my marketing plan.

You may want to look into signing up on other social media platforms if you think you can be discreet. Platforms such as Instagram and TikTok may not be worth the trouble as they frown at online sex workers. I honestly suggest just sticking with Twitter.

It can take time to see results, but don’t give up. Remember that consistency is key with being successful at anything.

Virtual Worlds

I know this isn’t the easiest way to advertise for some, but the reward can make it all worth it in the end. Some of you may follow my Twitter accounts @oninesexworker and @virtualsexwork. I’ve been discussing my Online Sex Worker Academy and Virtual Sex Academy for some time now. I’m about 30-45 days out on both projects but I promise they are coming! My free resources Phone Sex Resources, Online Sex Work, and Virtual Sex Work are great websites to get information on getting into this business.

There is a learning curve to virtual worlds. I’ve been playing Second Life since 2012 and joined just to make money. The online sex community is big in SL or Second Life. There are many sex and escort clubs that make big money. You can too if you work it right. That’s why I created these academies to help teach interested parties how to advertise their services in virtual worlds.

I’m offering both inworld hands on training and self paced courses. If you sign up on my mailing list located here, I’ll notify you when the academies are complete.

If you rather sign up for a texting or sexting service with it’s own traffic, I recommend SextPanther. They have built in traffic and will retweet you on their social media accounts.

As always, if you have any questions please email me at

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