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Indie texting or independent texting is a speciality that can be hard to get into for various reasons. With other texting or sexting services, most online sex workers can ride the website traffic and receive texts, but with indie texting you strictly drive your own traffic. While the benefits are rewarding, it does take time to build up clientele.

If you know me, you know I’m all about being independent. I started off doing phone sex and never worked for a company. Since day one, I’ve been independent and have found it to be very rewarding. I’ve always advertised at least 5-6 hrs a day and still do so to this day. Blogging and social media have helped me reach financial independence. It wasn’t an easy journey, but I wouldn’t change a thing. For me, indie texting was something harder to profit from right away. I remember posting ads on free sites and tweeting 3-4 times a day to get clients in the beginning. I would get traffic, but most of them were timewasters. Eventually I got into the swing of things and developed an advertising plan which helped me gain three new texting clients a day.

While this post isn’t meant to expose my advertising secrets, I will say that blogging, paid advertising, and social media helped me gain the most clients. With texting, all clients have to see are you words and of course pictures. It’s important that you’re a good writer and creative with your words. Your job is to paint a picture so vivid that your customers can almost feel the emotions you’re putting into words.

Start your own sexting line

If you’re wanting to explore indie texting more as a service you can provide to your customers, Premium.Chat is a great place to start. Premium.Chat offers a way for online sex workers to provide paid chat to customers. If you use WordPress for your website, they have a simple plugin you can implement so users can chat with you. If you don’t use WordPress, no worries. They do provide the HTML code for you to implement your chat widget into any website. Premium.Chat allows users to set their own rates and availability. You can charge per minute or a flat fee providing different options for online sex workers. You’re paid on the 10th of every month and they charge between 20%-40% of the chat buyer fees you charge your customers. I can verify that the company does pay as I actively use them for my texting sessions.

Premium.Chat also always you to charge for webcam and phone sex sessions. You don’t need to install any special software for sessions. For online sex workers looking for a payment processor, this is a great service to use for texting, webcam, and phone sex sessions. While I know many frown on the fact that you’re only paid once a month, it’s still a great option for those looking to securely accept payments. Play multiple characters? Premium.Chat allows you to setup multiple profiles. This is a great option for those wanting to go strictly indie.

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