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While I finalize the courses for Online Sex Worker Academy, I want to give you all a bit of information about the Online Sex Workers Guide I’ve been creating. The courses I’ve been creating for Online Sex Worker Academy include detailed guides that go along with the course material. Each course either has a series of narrated videos, quizzes, manual, or a combination of all three. As of now the courses that will be available on the website are texting training, webcam training, phone sex training, affiliate training, and blogging training. For those who are interested in virtual escorting, I’ve decided to make a completely different website for this which can be found here.

All of my training is geared towards those who want to be independent online sex workers. I still plan on creating a couple of guides for those who wish to work for companies, but for now, my focus is on indie sex work. All the courses on Online Sex Worker Academy are self-paced. This is perfect for someone who isn’t available for over the phone consultations or someone who just prefers doing things on their own time. I suggest you don’t put all your eggs in one basket and also sign up for courses at Virtual Escorting. If you enjoy virtual games, then Second Life and Red Light Center are for you. In these virtual worlds, you can be just about anything you want. Sex workers aren’t new to these virtual worlds, so it will be easy to get started if you have an open mind and are a little tech-savvy.

Second Life

online sex worker academy
Wages of Sin – Online Sex Worker Academy Sim located in Second Life

I have a full sim that’s dedicated to assisting you in being a great independent online sex worker in Second Life. Class sign up will start at the beginning of November. More information about this will be located on

This is a rather short post as I just wanted to update you on my courses and online sex workers’ guide. The Second Life book is complete, I just have to finalize some things with Amazon, so it’ll be set and ready for sale soon. If you have any questions, please contact me at

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