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Virtual Escorting Podcast and Youtube Channel

I have begun coming up with ideas for my podcast and YouTube channel that will include information about Online Sex Work and Virtual Escorting. Most of the episodes will reiterate some of the information that’s included in the blog posts. A new episode will come out once a week on Wednesdays and will be about 25-30 minutes long, maybe longer.

The podcast will be available on anchor at first and then I will explore other platforms to place it on. I’m still trying to get the details together for my YouTube channel. As we know they are strictly vanilla so any little thing I do or say can get my account deleted. I really wish there was a platform for online sex workers to get more exposure through their informative videos. However, for now, I’ll figure out a way to use YouTube to our advantage.

Virtual Escorting

I know many of you are anxious about the opening of Online Sex Worker Academy and Virtual Escorting. Virtual Escorting will be completed soon. As of now, I am focusing on training in the virtual worlds as opposed to the self-paced training portion on Online Sex Worker Academy. This is because many sex workers have contacted me asking specifically about Second Life training so I believe it would be best to focus on that. I will post schedules, information on how to sign up for classes, how to pay, etc. on the website within the next 5-7 days. I am working day and night to get everything together and not have any more delays.

In the future, I will be interested in collaborating with other sex worker podcasts and Youtubers. It’s very important for us to stick together in the adult community and help one another as much as possible.

As always, I’m only an email away if you need assistance with anything!


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