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OnlyFans is canceled! Create your own content site

So I know everyone has heard the news about OnlyFans basically canceling online sex workers then later retracting their statement and saying “Y’all still have a home…. for now.”

If y’all are anything like me, then you’re over OnlyFans. In my book, they are canceled and I don’t want to have anything else to do with them so I will no longer be promoting my OnlyFans links. In fact, I need to delete my accounts altogether.

I really think this whole situation has made online sex workers think about their future. While I don’t always engage on Twitter, I read a whole lot. Recently, many content creators have been expressing their outrage with OnlyFans and their plans to move to other platforms. This is a good idea, but I want everyone to dig a bit deeper.

Get Your Own Site!

It’s no secret that online sex workers made OnlyFans the platform it is today. This proves that online sex workers hold a lot of power. This same power can be used to advertise their own site(s) and have full control over what they show their subscribers. Think about it!

All the tweets, retweet groups, telegram groups, etc were created in an effort to advertise OnlyFans. Online sex workers could put that same energy into advertising their own personal websites and do link exchanges with other content creators.

I know many of you are like okay girl, but really? Yes! You can put all that same effort and energy into creating telegram groups and retweet groups that focus on advertising your independent sites.

Of course, it’s easier said than done but think about it. You’ll have full control over your content and you could even figure out different anonymous ways for customers to pay. Crypto of course would be the best way to do this, but that will have to be discussed in another blog post.

Link exchange is nothing new. It in fact can be a great advertising method if done properly. This is the purpose of PSO Tales and other group blogging websites. If everyone helps one another out, the traffic will benefit all.

So fellow online sex workers, I ask that while you decide to stay with OnlyFans, move on to other platforms, or do something different, really think about how important you are to these content sites.

Yes, they need you, but look at how much effort you put into your content and how quick they are to say goodbye. OnlyFans never even really advertised online sex workers. I always saw yoga instructors, chefs, and musicians being advertised.

Now is the time to take full control.

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