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Online Sex Worker Courses are almost here!

Online Sex Worker Academy

If you have been following me on twitter, you will know that Online Sex Worker Academy will be having its grand opening in 45 days! This has been a long time coming and I really appreciate everyone’s support and being patient throughout this entire process. Putting together a series of online courses for sex workers has always been a dream of mine since I got into this industry. Helping others who just need a little push in helping themselves is really what I strive for.

Online Sex Worker Academy is for anyone who wants to learn how to be strictly independent in this industry. From camming to texting, I will offer many courses for those who are interested in learning a variety of things. When you are independent in this industry, and any other industry, you are in complete control of your income. I’ve had days where I earned $500 in 2 hours and days where it took me 10 hours to make that same $500. For the most part, your success is dependent on your effort.

I’ve personally coached several ladies over the past few years who had no idea what they were doing when they contacted me. Within the first couple of months, they were making $1000+/week. I’ve also coached ladies who were provided all the same tools as the more successful ladies and they barely made rent the first couple of months of working. If you treat this like a hobby, you won’t make much, but if you treat it like a career, the sky is the limit.

I’m extremely excited about the grand opening and can’t wait to give you the assistance you’ve been craving. In addition to online courses, I will also offer online coaching and create custom packages for those who feel they need extra assistance. I plan on adding a new course every week and having live q&a sessions with other ladies in the industry who can offer their expertise.

Courses will cost $15-$50 and there will be a membership option which is separate from the courses that allow access to ebooks, q&a sessions, discount codes for courses, exclusive training, and more. This members option will be $20/month. The first month may be discounted.

I ask that you all follow me on twitter to keep up to date with the progress of Online Sex Worker Academy and look out for the grand opening date! If you’d like to be added to my mailing list so you can receive an email once Online Sex Worker Academy goes live, please email

I’ll be putting a YouTube channel together within the next two weeks that will feature videos of me and give advice on being a cam model, texter, and phone sex operator. I’ll announce it on twitter once the first video is posted.

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Written by Sarabi

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