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Marketing Plan – Online Sex Work

Online Sex Work Marketing

Every business no matter what industry it’s in needs a good marketing plan. Marketing is everything and can make or break a business. While some businesses purchase huge billboards off of highways and purchase commercial spots on tv, a lot use the internet as their main source for marketing.

If you’re an online sex worker, your marketing plan is pretty much the same as other businesses but with just a few exceptions. Social media is one of the most powerful tools in today’s society. Everyone uses social media to look up things that interest them, figure out how to put items together and help people find services. In your case you want people to find your services.

How will you people find your services? What techniques work best? There are several approaches to social media marketing but one that helps the most for online sex workers is selling your personality.

While some of your posts should consist of marketing your business and the services you provide, you will also want to focus on selling your personality in your marketing plan. As an online sex worker, you are selling a fantasy. You want to make whatever persona you are portraying seem as real as possible. You don’t want to take any shortcuts when creating the persona you’re selling. If you’re a domme, go all out and make sure you stay dominant at all times. If you’re the girl next door, make sure you appear sweet but have a hidden sexual layer that is dying to be explored. Always stick to your persona.

What does your persona like to do? What interests her the most? These are the questions you will want to answer when you are figuring out what posts to put on social media for the day. Remember you just don’t want to type “Hey call me for a good time.” Your persona is just as real as anything else. Discuss hot topics floating around social media. Retweet things that interest you and join in on the discussion.

Still need help with managing your social media profiles? Online Sex Worker Academy is almost here! You will be able to sign up for classes dedicated to social media marketing for online sex workers and more helpful classes in August 2018.

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