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Advertising Online Sex Work

While some people get nervous when it comes to advertising online sex work, I enjoy taking on the challenge. It’s no surprise that it’s becoming harder in some ways for online sex workers to advertise their services.

When I first started online sex work several years ago, I got a lot of my business from Tumblr, Twitter, and Backpage ads. I didn’t blog as much(unfortunately) and I didn’t even think about paying more than a $1 to pay for advertising. Boy have times changed. It’s becoming harder to target certain audiences and the algorithm for social media platforms such as Twitter is forever changing.

Through my research and trial and error, I now use several advertising techniques consistently to sell my online sex services.


I don’t think I can mention blogging enough. Blogging is the cheapest and most efficient way to get customers. I know most see blogging as a job that they don’t want to start, but it’s a necessarily “evil” in my opinion. When I start being an independent phone sex operator, my first few calls came from guys who searched some keyword on google and found my website. I honestly didn’t take bogging seriously for a while, and I regret that. I think about all the customers I missed by simply failing to compile a 300 word blog post that could have been written in my downtime in between calls(Message!).

A good blog post includes eye catching text, can easily be read, and gets the message across. When I blog for my phone sex characters, I discuss interesting phone sex calls and fantasies I have. I know for some this is easier said than done. If you’re having trouble blogging and need assistance, hire Adult Content Writer.

Mailing List

I will always stand by the fact that having a good mailing list can have you earning money in your sleep. While it used to be hard for online sex workers to have mailing lists through popular providers like Mailchimp and AWeber, YNOT mail offers a way. YNOT mail makes it possible for online sex workers to send out emails to their clients.

The thing about mailing lists is you have to give customers a reason to want to subscribe. Does the customer receive a 30% discount code or a free picture when subscribing to your mailing list? If not, what’s the point?

I can understand online sex workers not wanting to give away too much for free so this is how I approach mailing lists. I offer customers $5 off their first phone sex call when they subscribe to my mailing lists on my phone sex websites. I charge $2.25-$2.99/minute with a 10 minute minimum across all my phone sex sites so taking $5 off doesn’t matter much to me, but it can close a deal with a potential client whose on the fence.

The only way you can make a mailing list work for you is by providing the customer or potential customer with a reason for subscribing.

Social Media

Social media advertising has been great for me when it comes to advertising online sex services. Twitter and Instagram are the main platforms I use now. I use Twitter mainly for advertising phone sex, cam sessions, and my fanclub sites. On Instagram I mainly attract lonely subs who tip me for my attention. It works for me.

If you use a content character for phone sex then advertising on Instagram may not work for you. I know that advertising content characters on Twitter is the norm so I would start there first. Get creative! There are a ton of ways to advertise on social media that I haven’t even begun to explore.

There are several different ways you can approach things when it comes to advertising online sex work. Virtual sex also works for me greatly, but we all know that’s a complicated topic that takes great detail to explain.

I plan on making more posts geared towards advertising services.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please email me at

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